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My name is Putri Ika, however when I communicate with my friends I often called Rika's name. My address is Garot, Pidie, Aceh. I have finished college at one of universities that is Unsyiah and now settled in Garot. I started in the blogger world since high school, but my blogger knowledge began to grow when I know Google Adsense.

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support-printerdriver.net is a personal blog that has a personal purpose to earn money from blogger activity. This blog provides various information about sharp printer driver. support-printerdriver.net provides information sourced from european sharp companies. In addition to obtaining profit support-printerdriver.net is also aimed at helping comrades who want to obtain as well as download printer drivers, mfp, copier specifically for the sharp,Hp,Canon,Brother brand.

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1. Rica Rozalina
2. Fadul
3. Arsyila
4. Aditya

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Address: Garot
Road: Caleue - Garot
District: Indrajaya
District: Pidie
Province: Aceh

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FB: https://www.facebook.com/fadlul.fe
google +: https://aboutme.google.com/u/0/?referer=gplus

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